Criterias For Choosing A Mate  

Posted by SweetPinay

Thanks Flor for this tag.anyways,Criteria in choosing a mate?hmmm.well all I can say is that attitude is the key to all the criteria in choosing a mate.Before I meet my husband I did not set any criteria in choosing a mate but rather pray to God that he will guide me and lead me to the right person that I will be staying with for the rest of my life.That prayers were answered and now I'm very happy to have him in my whole life.

What are your top 5 criterias for choosing a mate, in order of priority? In other words, what is your ideal partner like?

If I set a criteria it will be:
1.God fearing
2. Loving
4. don't smoke and drink alcohol.
5. Hubby got it all!

Thanks Flor for this cool tag.

I want to share this love Q to: Marly, and Jam.

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