Potluck at church!  

Posted by SweetPinay

Good day everyone!today was little bit fun we woke up early and visit the house of my hubby's officemate because they are having a yard sale.I found it Fun in going to a yard sale,Just one item that caught my attention which is the mug because I do love to collect different style of mugs,after that went back home and prepare for church.We were kinda late because we still prepared the food that we are going to bring for the potluck,the sermon of the pastor was good it was all about his life experiences and how he was converted and follow Jesus.After that we stay a little bit longer for the potluck and oh I do love the food that they serve it's all vegetarian,I like it!we enjoyed gathered together and I took some pictures,I want it to share with my family back home.After filling up our stomach we relaxed for a minute and decide to go home.have a great day and enjoy the rest of the day!:)

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