Memory Walk 2008  

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Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Let's help one another in this big event for 2008, a memory walk for a cause for people with Alzheimer's disease. Having that disease in not easy especially if one of our family member have it. A Full time care is needed to those person that have Alzheimer's disease. Now is the time for us to support and volunteer to fight against Alzheimer's Memory disease. Knowing that there is still no known cure for this disease is a little bit frustrating but we should not lose hope. All we need to do is to help our community or any association like memory walk to fight against this disease. We should be active in supporting all the activities and raise some funds. Everybody is welcome to join this big event 2008 memory walk. Memory walk needs our support. Let's do it together and we can move a nation. Act now before it's too late.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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