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Looking back the days when I was still in the Philippines I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends. This photo was taken in our farm,OH! my I really miss this place. Malou, Rena, and Riza was a dear friend of mine. In spite of being far from each other I always treasure the friendship that we shared. Anyways Malou is in Autralia right now was married to an Australian guy, Rena is currently in middle east working and Riza haven't talk to her in a while I really don't know for sure what she's up to now. I hope one of this this we can be reunited.

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It's so nice to have friends that you can still keep in touch with. Reminiscing old days is great, and sad at the same time. NO matter how close you were back then, the time has come for all of you to separate and have your own lives to live. It's hard to find true friends these days, but if you do, it feels like hitting the lotto jackpot..I have a great friend, and she had to go to the military, i miss her, she's like a sister to me. Your post reminded me of her.
Well, have a great weekend to you.
Mom of Four

August 9, 2008 at 10:39 PM

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