Scammers Get a life!  

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I just want to let everybody to be aware of what's going on now a days. Just last night my cousin from Manila was buzzing me on my YM . I can tell that it was a very important buzz so I checked my YM and talk to her. To my surprise she said to me that somebody call at their office and that she have a package and the sender is me. Why on earth somebody is using my name to scam my cousin? OMG!I told her I did not send any package to her and that she need to be very careful not to go anywhere in case the con man will call her again and want to meet in one place. Guys always tell your family not to believe right a way especially if they don't know who are they talking to. Scammers please get a life and don't fool innocent people. The question is why the con man knew my cousins full name?Why they knew me?. Oh well they might be very clever enough to find any info just to con people.

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There are a lot of freaks on the internet. Did you figure out what they were trying to do?

March 31, 2009 at 12:35 AM

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