JibJab show:)  

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Don't send a lame Starring You! eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Hubby's creation and it's funny..:)My two younger brother and him:)

high school life  

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Thanks to Jeanmarie for tagging me.

Reminiscing my high school days:)

~What section were you?
1st Year -Jade I think:)
2nd Year -I forgot oi!
3rd Year - nah Forgot jud!
4th Year -Diamond

~Who were your seatmates?
Neng, she is my seatmate from first to fourth year:)

~Still remember your English teacher?
Yep,best English teacher Mam Ruby

~What was your first class?

~Made friends to the lower years?
Yep they are all great:)

~How was your class schedule?
7-12 then lunch break and 1-5

~Made any enemies?
I think so just misunderstanding:)

~Who was your favorite teacher?
Sir Wendy T.Chem.teacher:)

~What sport did you play?
Volleyball is my main but too many to mention as long as I can play.:)

~Were you a party animal?
I'm not

~Were you well known in your school?
being class officer and a volleyball player:)

None that I can think of:)

~Did you get suspended/expelled?
absolutely nope

~What was your favorite subject?

~Did you go to the dances?
Folk dance:)

~Where did you go most often during breaks?
Canteen eat cinnamon bread with matching ice candy:)

~What did you do on the last day of school?
Friends get together and practice for graduation:)