YM Scammer beware!  

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Guys Watch out with your YM account you might be talking to somebody that is not actually the owner of the account. Yesterday one of my friend in friendster posted in the bulletin board that her YM was hacked. We just recently exchange YM account and yesterday I sent her a message right away in Friendster telling her that I received A YM message from her around 6 in the morning. And she replied that it was not her who sent me a message. Somebody was using her YM account and asking for prepaid cards and money. what a scam! good thing I was not able to reply her in YM because the message was sent to my SMS. My Cellphone was in my purse the whole night and was not able to check it right away. Once your YM is hacked the scammer can go over in your account and change your password and everything. Then she will go over with all of your friends list asking for money and cards. The scammer will send you a link and begging you to open it then once you will enter your information you will be surprised because you can no longer open your account and your hacked already. So guys beware of this big time scam. Never ever give any personal information if your not so sure who are you talking to. Scamming is so rampant out there let's just be very careful.

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wow scary indeed! we must be careful..

July 7, 2008 at 11:09 PM

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